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Linde Mullis scrapbook revisited.

Hi all,

Linde Lowdon Mullis(TH’60) saved her scrapbook of the 1959 football season and Chris Pechin recently put it together in the attached form. I hope you all enjoy it as much as I did. How many of you know that tight end Joe Biden caught two touchdown passes against us in our victory over Archmere that year?

Click on the attached link and enjoy a trip down memory lane.

Enjoy, pb

Mullis Scrapbook test run V.1.pdf

Our May Surprise

w a peter bours

forest grove, oregon


As our daughter Heidi was leaving our house early Monday morning to drive to her job as a hospitalist at the Salem Hospital, an hour south of here, she told me that she was scheduled to work fourteen of the next seventeen days before beginning her maternity leave a week prior to her June 6 due date.  At least that was the plan.  But as she was examining a patient around 0930 she noticed a trickle of warm fluid running down her legs.  Excusing herself to the patient and his wife she went directly over to labor and delivery, where her initial exam showed that her membranes had ruptured and she was already fully effaced and four centimeters dilated.

Jonathan, Joan, and I wasted little time in heading south to Salem.  Heidi began to have regular contractions around 1030 and was clearly in active labor by the time that we arrived around noon. An exam at 1300 showed that she was seven centimeters dilated.  She spent the next hour in a bathtub. Will’s wife Meghan arrived with the all-important car seat and joined us in the birthing room. Upon returning to her bed Heidi was examined by her doctor and found to be fully dilated.  At this point she requested an epidural but as the doctor left to summon the anesthesiologist Heidi gave her first tentative push and suddenly the top of the baby’s head was showing.

Heidi’s obstetrician returned to the room and noted that the birth was imminent.  He gloved up and encouraged Heidi through a couple more contractions until, at 1445, after only four hours of labor, Ayla Moss Evans emerged!

Very early in my obstetrical experience I made the mistake of describing a woman’s rapid labor as easy.  I was set straight by the woman in question in no uncertain terms.  While it is true that fast (precipitous) labors might be easier for the doctor, the nurses, and the family, they are nonetheless incredibly intense for the laboring woman, with little time to gather one’s wits and gain some control between contractions.  Heidi endured it all with her usual stoicism and calm.  Jonathan was a great source of encouragement and support.  Joan and I couldn’t be prouder of both of them.

Ayla weighed in at 7lbs 4oz, a good size for a baby arriving 3.5 weeks early.  They are doing well.  We are expecting them to return here today to resume their temporary residence in our guest cabin, the chicken coop, while waiting for closure on a new home in NW Portland.  It is an exciting time here in Forest Grove.

Granny Joan with Heidi and Ayla

Granny Joan with Heidi and Ayla

The proud parents Heidi and Jonathan

The proud parents Heidi and Jonathan

Aunt Meghan and Grandpa Peter
Aunt Meghan and Grandpa Peter